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Hair Transplantation

What is hair transplantation?


Hair transplantation is the procedure of moving of hair follicles surgically from hair regions to hairless regions. Hair follicles are taken from posterior and lateral regions of hairy skin and placed to anterior and peak regions.

According to a study conducted, rate of baldness is 37% in Turkey. Appearance of an individual may be changed with hair transplantation and his/her self-confidence may be boosted.


hair transplantation - op.dr.nurgül altuntaş


For Whom Is The Hair Transplantation Performed?



People who have hair loss following a burn or hair skin injury


Women having weak hair with thin hair strands


Men having male pattern baldness (20% of men at his 20s.)

For Whom Is The Hair Transplantation Not Performed?



People who have hair loss following a medical treatment such as chemotherapy


People who have cheloid scar (thick and indurate scar) following an injury or a surgery


People who have extensive baldness, making impossible to take hair follicles


How is hair transplantation is performed?



Nowadays, FUT and FUE techniques are the major techniques used in hair transplantation. In FUT technique, hair on the skin part taken from the posterior side of the hairy skin are dissociated at micro level and transferred to the bald region. In FUE method, hairs taken with special devices singly or as a group are transferred without being damaged. Nowadays, FUE is more commonly performed, as it is easily applicable and leaves no scar. However, the method may be changed according to the patient or both methods can be performed simultaneously.

How is hair transplantation procedure is performed?


At first, photos of you are taken from different angles. In order to create a natural appearance following the procedure, anterior hairline is determined by taking motions of forehead muscles into consideration. After hairs are shaved in appropriate shortness, your head is washed and you are taken to the seat for head transplantation. Regions to which the procedure will be performed are narcotized by introducing local anesthesia. 

At the initial stage, hair follicles are taken from donor regions via special needles. At the later stage, small canals are created on the region to which transplantation will be performed and hair follicles are inserted within these holes as much as it is needed. Medical dressing is performed and hair transplantation is concluded. Hair transplantation takes approximately 4-8 hours. 



What occurs following hair transplantation?



Swelling may be present on your head following the procedure. You may have pains which are relieved by painkillers during initial days. Use of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs reducing edema and drugs preventing rejection of transplanted hair follicles by the body is recommended.


Your medical dressing persists for initial 3-4 days. First wash is generally performed on 3rd-5th days. Whereas the first 5 washes are done as placing foams on transplantation site, sequent washes are done as increasing the contact with transplantation site and massaging. 


What are the risks of hair transplantation?


As it is in each surgical procedure, bleeding and infection may also occur after hair transplantation. Performing with attentive technique minimize both risks. Some edema may be present in hairy skin. Sleeping with higher pillow for 4-5 days following hair transplantation and the treatments given improve edema. Periorbital bruising may rarely occur. Numbness on scalp may be present. Numbness is gone completely within a couple of months.

An unnatural appearance may occur after hair transplantation; however, the most important part in these procedures is to achieve naturalness.

It is important for you to have realistic expectations and to say all of your expectations clearly prior to hair transplantation are crucial. 

What occurs following hair transplantation?


2-3 weeks after hair transplantation, transplanted hairs fall. It is an expected situation which provides growth of new hairs. About 2-3 months after hair transplantation, new hairs begin to grow. After 6-9 months, outcome of hair transplantation is complete. Minoxidil can be applied as a treatment improving growing of new hairs.

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