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Liposuction is the procedure of suction of fats in undesired regions via a vacuum, remodeling is the procedure of injection of fat to regions where they lack.

liposcution -op.dr.nurgül altuntaş
laser liposuction - turkey


Liposuction is not a weight-reducing surgery. It generally provides thinning of fats which are resistant to diet and exercises in young patients with fine skin elasticity. Liposuction does not provide favorable outcomes in patients which have poor skin elasticity or give birth multiple times. Local anesthesia and a drug which will reduce bleeding are introduced to the region to where liposuction will be performed and a couple of minutes are waited. Fats are evacuated via vacuum following fine cannulas sent through milimetric holes. In our clinic, we perform LASER LIPOSUCTION due to that skin tightening is better, healing is rapid and it produces good outcomes in regions such as arm and neck. Bruising and swelling may occur on skin following the procedure. However, it is gradually regresses, edemas resolve on 3rd week but it takes 3 months to take its full shape. Use of corset during 3 weeks following the surgery is recommended.

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