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Face Lifting


Facial rejuvenation

Various procedures can be performed in order to improve prolapse and tissue losses occurring as a result of aging on facial region. Face is evaluated as a whole and it is planned to repair deformities with an appropriate method.  

facial rejuvenation
face lift



Eyelid repairs, brow lifting, temporal lifting, fat injections, face lifting, liposuction, skin peeling and botulinum toxin application can be performed simultaneously in face rejuvenation. While regions which are lack of tissue are supported with fat injections, face lifting can be performed for regions with wrinkles and prolapse as lifting of skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Face lifting can be performed as full lifting together with temporal lifting and neck lifting, however, it can be limited only to mid-facial region. Although the face to take its full shape depends on structure of the skin and the procedure which is performed, it may take 3 months. It is important to avoid from sun during postoperative period.

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