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. how to write a college essay I did not expect the King to be like that, but when I went to the station, he seemed very relaxed. I approached the King, hoping to ask him some questions. He gave me a warm smile and greeted me. His robe and his crown were simple, but they were beautifully embroidered. He even looked younger, and I knew that I had to be careful. . memocad download free  . Flexible Online Spelling and Grammar Checker for English and Other Languages!. . As he walked towards the door, I saw someone lying down on the ground. I guessed that it was a woman, and I moved closer to her. At first, I thought that the woman was asleep, but then I realized that she was dead. I could not tell whether she was a Jew or a gentile. There were no signs of a struggle on her body. There was no blood, no wounds, and no insects. This could mean that she was already dead when he found her. But the person who had killed her was gone. The King walked to the door, opened it, and held it open. “Please enter.” I walked towards him and entered. It was not large, and I could only guess at the room’s size. The room was bare of decoration. There was a table, chairs, and a bed. The only thing that was missing was the murderer. There was no murder weapon. No blood and no signs of a struggle. This made me even more frightened than before. The King walked back to his desk, grabbed a pen, and handed it to me. “Please sit.” He gestured towards the chairs. It was as if he expected me to do this. I had never been in the royal palace before. I had never met a king before. I was still too scared to ask questions. I took the pen and sat down. It was a red pen, and it looked like it was in good condition. I was afraid to write on the page in front of me. The King had his head bent over his writing, and his eyes were on the pen in his hands. The pen was pointed at the paper. He was writing. I could see that he was writing the name of the murdered woman. “Judith,” he said, and he looked up at me. “Thank you for your help

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